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Our Guiding Principles

There are several canine massage organisations in the UK and beyond. In many cases the founders of these schools were originally trained by Galen Myotherapy, and then went on to form their own guilds or training companies. However, there are many differences between us and other organisations which we're keen to outline.

The easiest way to do demonstrate these differences is via our Guiding Principles, which are the foundation to what we do each and every day.

The first of these - Choice Led Treatment - has now been adopted more broadly across many fields of veterinary medicine, and has evolved into Positive PACT. You can also see our other Guiding Principles reflected in the way we always put the welfare of the dog first, which is why we're so keen to share knowledge, and make our training courses as accessible as we can. You can read all of our Guiding Principles below.

It’s vital for the dog being treated that they feel they have a ‘choice’ in the treatment. We never use forced restraint, and treatment will always take place on the floor or on a low level, which is where a dog is most comfortable. The practice of ‘choice’ is one that has now become main-stream with many top trainers and behaviourists using the term.


We recognise that when you dog is struggling owners want to help, and often it is difficult to become involved in their treatment. However, we always include the owners in their dog’s treatment plan, imparting techniques that are safe to use, along with exercise planning and ‘environment’ management.


All Galen Canine Myotherapists®*are qualified to an exceptional level, and this anatomy and physiology learning is directed at functional application. They understand the dog’s anatomy in terms of movement, how the dog’s body works and how stress can be reflected through behaviour. This knowledge is then directed into a ‘dog centric’ application of choice-led treatment.


We were the first therapy organisation to discuss the direct connection between muscle pain and specific behaviour patterns. We guide owners and handlers in understanding how muscle pain can be reflected in their dog’s behaviour. This information and knowledge is also invaluable when assessing and detecting changes.


The welfare of dogs is our primary concern, and this takes priority over all other considerations. Therefore we believe in sharing knowledge through training, workshops, symposiums and events all over the world. We truly believe that what we do improves the health and wellbeing of dogs, and encourage our associates to share this in the most appropriate and far reaching ways.


Much of our course content has changed radically over the years due to new developments in understanding the behaviour and physical changes of dogs with muscular issues. We ensure we keep up to date with the latest evidence and findings, and modify our treatment and teaching to incorporate this. Like any science, there are new discoveries constantly, and it’s vital for animal welfare that we’re at the forefront of current understanding.
Theo has loved every session he's had. The minute Lucy walks in, he goes straight to his special blanket lays down to wait in anticipation. On occasion, even trying to climb onto her lap! Lucy's magic hands have really helped his general well being. She's loosened areas that have evidently been uncomfortable and has given us guidance around specific exercises we can do to target potential areas that ought to be stronger.

Lucy's manner is the perfect balance of professionalism and affection. She 'listens' to him and talks to him which I genuinely believe puts him (and me!) at ease. He clearly trusts her and so do I. Myotherapy has given Theo a rejuvenated attitude and we intend to have maintenance sessions for as long as Lucy is happy to treat him.

Emily and Theo, Twickenham