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Positive PACT

Julia Robertson's groundbreaking work on giving animals choice in their treatment is one of the foundations of Galen Myotherapy. It's the first of our Guiding Principles and is an absolute non-negotiable for us. We use total respect and sympathy when handling the dogs, knowing that they are usually in pain and we empathise with that. Dogs are always treated on floor level or on a low bed, and given the choice to have or leave the treatment, they will not be chased around the room or by any method subtly or overtly restrained. We very, very rarely have the need to muzzle because dogs are not restrained and can communicate freely with us and therefore we develop a very quick trusting relationship.

Regrettably, some other canine welfare organisations/guilds do not share this view and believe in restraining dogs or treating them on tables, etc. We strongly advise owners and handlers - and students who are looking to get into the field - to consider carefully whether or not to engage with these organisations, who put ease of treatment for the practitioner ahead of respect for the dog being treated.

However, our approach in forming a relationship with the dog to effectively deliver treatment through the dog's choice has developed further into a full set of treatment protocols that are being adopted across the veterinary world. We call these protocols 'Postive PACT'.

Below we outline some details around the principles of Positive PACT. As you can see, the our work is built on foundations of complex scientific research around how dogs interact with humans, and their complicated emotions that drive their behaviours. Positive PACT demonstrates the deeply scientific approach that Galen Myotherapy have, and why we remain at the forefront of understanding of canine health.


Galen Myotherapy is a physical therapy, that can also be classed as a neuroscience , incorporating a specific and unique handling protocol. The handling protocol used is called P.A.C.T. Progressive Affective Cycle of Therapy and it is based on giving the dog choice.

Galen Myotherapy specialises in treating dogs with painful chronic muscular pain; resulting from secondary conditions, (caused through adaptive/compensatory physical, postural change), or an old untreated physical injury. The treatment is specifically known as a hands-on, manual or physical therapy.

The treatment physically manipulates the surrounding tissues, creating a positive bio/neurochemical, physiological change, whereby improving the tissue integrity. However, for the treatment to have a successful transformational change; physical, plus emotional changes to the dog’s perception must occur.

This is supported by Galen’s anecdotal evidence, that has shown the treatments including PACT handling methodology, positively influences the dog’s mood and emotions.

These effects are both:

  • Direct - from the hands-on manual application (using the skin as a conduit)
  • Reflexive - through the neurological and hormonal effects of the same.

However, these reflexive changes are further evident from how the dog is handled during the whole treatment process . This includes creating a ‘safe environment’ , that will also help to initiate a positive perception for the dog and the relationship between the therapist, dog, owner and the therapy.

The importance of positive emotion in connection with enhanced healing .

The Positive P.A.C.T.® methodology is a choice-led treatment; the dog is made to feel comfortable in the environment through ensuring the treatment environment is conducive for the dog to exhibit choice with regards their treatment. We are treating dogs that have apparent and hidden discomfort, they are the only ones who understand what they feel, therefore this treatment gives them a voice and control, as we would have with any treatments we have. Positive PACT®

Is a practice that works with the dogs’ thought processes allowing them the comfort of having their owners support but also enabling autonomy or independence, for the dog. By applying this designed and scientific process to all our treatments, it allows the dog to be relaxed and in control, guiding their own treatment with no forcing or restraining. This methodology facilitates excellent results and buy-in from the dog, enabling treatments that can treat painful areas that can otherwise not be touched or managed.
Theo has loved every session he's had. The minute Lucy walks in, he goes straight to his special blanket lays down to wait in anticipation. On occasion, even trying to climb onto her lap! Lucy's magic hands have really helped his general well being. She's loosened areas that have evidently been uncomfortable and has given us guidance around specific exercises we can do to target potential areas that ought to be stronger.

Lucy's manner is the perfect balance of professionalism and affection. She 'listens' to him and talks to him which I genuinely believe puts him (and me!) at ease. He clearly trusts her and so do I. Myotherapy has given Theo a rejuvenated attitude and we intend to have maintenance sessions for as long as Lucy is happy to treat him.

Emily and Theo, Twickenham